Adam Jessop

Contract web app developer
& esports team owner


Contract web app developer
specialising in responsive, REST API driven apps.

I have been a web developer for as long as I can remember. I built my first site in PHP back in 2004 for my first esports team, Infused. Since then development has grown from a passion into my main career.

Currently I specialise in the MEAN stack, utilising NodeJS API's to drive responsive Angular web apps. I have been lucky enough to work with a number of clients through my contract work.

Sky Sports NHS Carphone Warehouse


over 15 years experience of esports.
Currently the owner and manager of Endpoint.

Esports has been more than just a hobby for me, it's been a passion that I have embraced since 2001. I have worked with a number of teams, including founding and managing a top UK organisation, Infused, between 2005-2010.

After taking a small break from the scene, I have started up another successful UK organisation, Endpoint. Our focus is to give the UK esports fans a team they can really get behind at international events, and give brands a real vehicle to grasp those hard-to-reach millenial consumers.

Team Infused Fnatic Endpoint